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Love Your Life

Author: misstwist

You aren't where you ought to be yet? Things are tighter and tougher and you can't can make them better and smoother?
Yes, of course. There are so many challenges life brings across our ways but we must love who we are and the place we are ... more...


Crossing The Bridge of Criticism

Author: misstwist

When people criticise, it is because they envy, especially when it's a constant criticism. They tend to show you how much they dislike you and the things you do. It is because they know you are different. And what makes you different is because y... more...


My fatal weakness

Author: Ben30

I can be demanding. There, I said it, it’s out, out there for everyone to read and remember, in print and committed to history in the form of prose. Of course, I knew this. I would like to think that self-awareness is actually one of my more positive... more...


You have the attention span of a Gnat!

Author: Terrence2

I didn't particularly like being compared to an insect, especially one that most would consider a pest for that matter. My colleague didn't mean to insult me that morning and I’ll explain, on reflection, why I am no longer offended.

It’s ... more...


Work Experience

Author: biokimistry

Recently I have been doing work experience in a laboratory, as it is something I would definitely consider doing after I graduate from university. At first I didn't think I would enjoy it, maybe find it too tedious, or just realise that being coo... more...


Being a young or single mother doesn't make you a bad mum

Author: Katie922

Being a young mother doesn't make you a bad mum.I had my child at 19 his father wasn't there for the birth we had broke up 10 days previously and I didn't want him there nor did he want to be there my birthing partners were my mother and ... more...


10 Tips for Starting an Online Business

Author: Deanoh

Starting an online business is not an easy undertaking, there are many considerations to take into account before you even get your new business off the ground. Often new businesses fail because they don’t plan adequately or neglect to consider the m... more...


Top tips when starting a blog

Author: Emmski

Are you thinking of starting a blog? What makes a blog effective, when so many blogs are out there? Here are my top tips to make your blog stand out and be noticed.

Make your content compelling - use good imagery, possibly video content and post t... more...


Banter or Bullying?

Author: ArtT1

My time at secondary school has been fairly non-eventful. I didn't take much notice of the odd 'shove' in the school hallways or a shout out that my forehead was too large. Eventually, having made good friends I seemed to find a place wit... more...


Social media + annoying ex

Author: Loupopsicle

Social media is in most peoples lives whether they are on facebook, tumblr, youtube, reddit and so on, people can anonymously message you rather easily to ask you questions and so forth. This can be very good and boost peoples self-esteem, but it can... more...

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"“Life is not lost by dying;
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I am very lucky to have found your website. Recently I wrote about a problem which I face very often.... There were 10 responses from 10 mentors. They have really explained to me and made me understand that I do not have any problem. Your services are wonderful and I am very much thankful to all of you.

I have been mentoring on HM for 18 months. I really enjoy it & hopefully I am helping other people. Recently I posted my my first 'request for a mentor'. I have been completely bowled over by the response. So many people taking their time & making the effort to offer constructive advice in a friendly polite manner. For me it completely validates the intent behind HM. It reminds me how many good, helpful people there are out there. Thanks for providing such a great service.
'I called out for mentor assistance a week or so ago.

I have been inundated with unbelievably helpful replies, and now have a toolkit to draw on to start turning around behaviours and mind-sets that have been detrimental in my life.

I just want to thank Horsesmouth and all the amazing people who reached out to me.  Each and every one of you has given me something to think about, and some have given me heaps of material with which to start working.  Now I need to do the work! Thank you so much!' 

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