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Author: Destinee


When i used to look at you i felt the love so intensely,
You told me you had stopped running after love
That you had settled down and had found peace in you heart
You referred to love as the butterfly you kept chasing but cou... more...


Get up and Go.....Part 1

Author: Destinee

If it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck at all, how many times does that saying ever cross your mind? Well a lot... that is how often that saying passes through my head. It’s like that irritable itch that just refuses to get scratched out. Yo... more...


Stressing out about exams?

Author: Kelserchief

This past January I made myself ill with stress over exams. Whenever I thought about them I found myself throwing up constantly. My first year at university had gone okay, not great but I passed and I had promised myself that my second year would b... more...


Cherish the person you love!

Author: Mccool

There was this guy who believed very much in true love and decided to take his time to wait for his right girl to appear. He believed that there would definitely be someone special out there for him, but none came.

Every year at Christmas, his ex... more...


Friendship Forever!

Author: Mccool

Two inseparable friends, Sam and Jason, met with an accident on their way to Boston City. The following morning, Jason woke up blind and Sam was still unconscious. Dr. Berkeley was standing at his bedside looking at his health chart and medications w... more...



Author: springahead

One evening I was parked in front of the mall wiping off my car. I had just come from the car wash and was waiting for my wife to finish work. Coming my way from across the parking lot, was what society would consider a bum. From the looks of him ... more...


Be awake (words of the Buddha)

Author: Andi123

Be awake

Love yourself and be awake -
today, tomorrow, always.
First establish yourself in the way,
then teach others,
and so defeat sorrow.
To straighten the crooked
you must first do a harder thing -
straighten yourself.
You are ... more...


Making a difference

Author: bigke

As someone whom does not take no for a answer i have been able to encourage people whm are never heard to find their voice in health and other things provided to them by our Governmnet
You too can become an ambassador for your peopel by lobbying an... more...


Power of Belief

Author: springahead

A businessman was deep in debt and could see no way out.
Creditors were closing in on him. Suppliers were demanding payment.
He sat on the park bench, head in hands, wondering if anything could
save his company from bankruptcy.
Suddenly an old ma... more...



Author: vjwa

Having just been made redundant, I had been invited to attend an interview for a job I really wanted. When I saw it advertised I just knew that the job was mine. I ticked all the boxes and could give full and descriptive examples for all the essent... more...

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I am very lucky to have found your website. Recently I wrote about a problem which I face very often.... There were 10 responses from 10 mentors. They have really explained to me and made me understand that I do not have any problem. Your services are wonderful and I am very much thankful to all of you.

I have been mentoring on HM for 18 months. I really enjoy it & hopefully I am helping other people. Recently I posted my my first 'request for a mentor'. I have been completely bowled over by the response. So many people taking their time & making the effort to offer constructive advice in a friendly polite manner. For me it completely validates the intent behind HM. It reminds me how many good, helpful people there are out there. Thanks for providing such a great service.
'I called out for mentor assistance a week or so ago.

I have been inundated with unbelievably helpful replies, and now have a toolkit to draw on to start turning around behaviours and mind-sets that have been detrimental in my life.

I just want to thank Horsesmouth and all the amazing people who reached out to me.  Each and every one of you has given me something to think about, and some have given me heaps of material with which to start working.  Now I need to do the work! Thank you so much!' 

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