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National Apprenticeship Service
National Apprenticeship Service
We are the National Apprenticeship Service and we are here to champion Apprenticeships as a route to building successful and sustainable careers and a skilled workforce for the future. We provide a dedicated service for employers and learners, workin...
papasmurf1cx aged 63

Accident Victim
Bullying and Harassment at Work
Catastrophic Injury

what is the MFactor? 2754
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joyuriel37 aged 68

Parenting advisor/trainer/consultant
Domestic Violence Director of Freedom and Empowerment for Women
Professionally qualified Youth Worker

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Keef54 aged 63

Cerebral palsy
Panic disorder, anxiety and depression.
Homelessness, and homelessness campaigning, charitable fundraising.

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kennc aged 70 Living well with dementia

life with comorbidities
Why Mentor in Horsesmouth
Learning to live again

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springahead aged 42 Business and Enterprise Mentors

Sales, marketing and business development
Personal development
Sustainable growth

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iamtin aged 40 4Talent


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askafriend aged 60 Business and Enterprise Mentors

Police; Prison; Courts; Probation.
Financial Advice; Pensions; Investments; Dealing with Debt
Improving CV's; Jobs & trouble at work; Management, Business, Adult Education

what is the MFactor? 2733
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vjwa aged 61

what is the MFactor? 654
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EternalJoy aged 31 Think Big from O2

Life,Living and Spirtuality
Yoga and Meditation Techniques
Selfless Service

what is the MFactor? 110
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Antoinetta aged 54 Business and Enterprise Mentors

Finding the best work life balance....
Relationships, Parenting, Bereavement
Self Esteem and Confidence

what is the MFactor? 8172
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