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kennc aged 69 Living well with dementia

life with comorbidities
Why Mentor in Horsesmouth
Learning to live again

what is the MFactor? 607
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zebra aged 45

Presentations and communications
Being positive, feeling happy

what is the MFactor? 50
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magpiegem aged 33

Career Changes
Teenage depression and self harm

what is the MFactor? 51
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gemma.l aged 35

Become a mum
Training/Employment opportutnities
GCSEs, A-Levels, NVQs

what is the MFactor? 30
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Jainblu aged 25   /media/images/icons/youngMentor.gifspacer Think Big from O2

Moving/ Travelling
Being a student
Fund raising

guyb aged 51 Business and Enterprise Mentors

Business Development
Personal Development

springahead aged 41 Business and Enterprise Mentors

International business development
Personal development

what is the MFactor? 326
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Tipster aged 36

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder
Losing a loved one to cancer
Healthy, happy relationships

what is the MFactor? 582
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Karene aged 51

Train the Trainer
Training Design

what is the MFactor? 82
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caro0 aged 50

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