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kennc aged 69 Living well with dementia

life with comorbidities
Why Mentor in Horsesmouth
Learning to live again

what is the MFactor? 607
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Radz aged 24   /media/images/icons/youngMentor.gifspacer

Friendship Problems

what is the MFactor? 71
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shootingstar aged 27

Drugs and Addictions

karenc aged 46

Life after bereavement
Abusive partner

what is the MFactor? 87
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The Dr aged 51

Self Esteem
Changing Jobs/Taking Risks

what is the MFactor? 221
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Minky aged 27

Being Victimised
Long-Distance and Internet Relationships

what is the MFactor? 423
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niki86 aged 31

Mental Health/Young Carer/Alcoholism
Bereavement/Child Loss

what is the MFactor? 30
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springahead aged 41 Business and Enterprise Mentors

International business development
Personal development

what is the MFactor? 326
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marieanne aged 59

teenage problems all kinds family issues
step parenting, families love and relationships
grieving ,death and illness and just for someone who needs a chat.

what is the MFactor? 2050
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cyberchik aged 35

Drug Addiction
Living with alcohol abuse
Rock Bottom

what is the MFactor? 239
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