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Think Big from O2
Think Big from O2
The Why Do campaign is an exciting partnership between Horsesmouth and O2’s Think Big programme, set up to help answer the age old question of “why do young people do the things they do”. It’s the brainchild of Sabian, a passionate young campaigner....
kennc aged 70 Living well with dementia

life with comorbidities
Why Mentor in Horsesmouth
Learning to live again

what is the MFactor? 607
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askafriend aged 60 Business and Enterprise Mentors

Police; Prison; Courts; Probation.
Financial Advice; Pensions; Investments; Dealing with Debt
Improving CV's; Jobs & trouble at work; Management, Business, Adult Education

what is the MFactor? 2733
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rose aged 30 Really

Depression, self harm, alcoholism, drugs
Bereavment and death
Anorexia and Bulimia, eating disorder, weight

what is the MFactor? 165
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Daeron aged 31

English / TEFL / Teaching English as a Foreign Language
bipolar / bi-polar disorder / bi-polarity / manic-depression

what is the MFactor? 52
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Mccool aged 25   /media/images/icons/youngMentor.gifspacer Think Big from O2

Confidence and Understanding
family issues

what is the MFactor? 744
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Keef54 aged 63

Cerebral palsy
Panic disorder, anxiety and depression.
Homelessness, and homelessness campaigning, charitable fundraising.

what is the MFactor? 626
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NosheenH aged 27

Unknown medical illness
Getting through education system

what is the MFactor? 42
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justpeachy aged 30

Domestic Violence
Bipolar Disorder 1 and Anxiety
Sexual Abuse

what is the MFactor? 340
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Tash112 aged 23   /media/images/icons/youngMentor.gifspacer

Life Skills
Health and Science

Alan aged 68 ShortList Business and Enterprise Mentors

International business management
International investment
Mentoring / Life Coaching

what is the MFactor? 4509
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