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Alex12321 aged 24
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Friendly , Understanding , Self-Motivated

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Male , 24

I am Alex, a young, very friendly male who is currently working in an office job and planning a career change to become a qualified Life Coach when I enroll on a course which I have found. I have signed up this website to gain the experience required to forge myself a path to become the Life Coach that I want to be. As many people, I have been through a lot myself such as: Having bad managers at work, uncertain about my future etc. So please talk to me if you need somebody to listen. :)

Life experiences


I want to be a mentor on depression as I had thought that I had no future and no purpose by living. I was surrounded by people who would just moan at me and would try all they could to stop me from being me. My efforts never seemed good enough and I became very unmotivated and had negative thoughts going through my head non-stop. I would be very quiet at and dreaded talking to people as I was so unhappy and I even started to think "whats the point?" As I felt that living was totally not worth it at this time of my life.

However, seeing one documentary inspired me to change and since then, I have found the willpower to push myself, discipline myself more and feel so much better for doing so. Negative thoughts may still linger in the back of my mind every now and then but they no longer have total control over me.

If you feel like you have no future, no chance and that the light at the end of the tunnel has collapsed on you, please chat to me as want to help you"Own your life" again.


I felt that as a kid, my parents prevented me from doing anything outside my comfort zone. I was always shouted at and told how I need to act, what I need to look like, dress like and I was never allowed the opportunity to do anything myself. I was always moaned at by my parents even when I needed help which was counter-productive. Throughout school I had a nice set of friends. However, my parents (mother especially) would put up barriers in my way and it seemed that she never wanted me to venture outside the house. I feel that by being forced to live almost like a hermit as a child/teen has impacted on my social skills. It seemed that I was only ever shouted at by my parents. Any accident I made, they would start breathing fire at me. I felt so stupid and whatever I did seemed to be wrong.

Still to this day, I still suffer from social anxieties and I despise many social situations like team meetings at work. Please chat to me if you suffer from anxiety as I have ways to manage it!

Why mentor on horsesmouth?

I want to become a life coach as I have been through a lot myself, I have felt very down and out for a few years of my life on and off and I can get anxious in specific social situations too. Thankfully, I am a very self-motivated individual who wants to better myself in all aspects as well as help those who would like and feel that they need the help too. I am very understanding and open to talk about any issues or things that you may want to get off your chest. I am very passionate about this and I am genuine about wanting to help others get back on back on track, I have always wanted a career where I can change somebodys life for the better.

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I am very lucky to have found your website. Recently I wrote about a problem which I face very often.... There were 10 responses from 10 mentors. They have really explained to me and made me understand that I do not have any problem. Your services are wonderful and I am very much thankful to all of you.

I have been mentoring on HM for 18 months. I really enjoy it & hopefully I am helping other people. Recently I posted my my first 'request for a mentor'. I have been completely bowled over by the response. So many people taking their time & making the effort to offer constructive advice in a friendly polite manner. For me it completely validates the intent behind HM. It reminds me how many good, helpful people there are out there. Thanks for providing such a great service.
'I called out for mentor assistance a week or so ago.

I have been inundated with unbelievably helpful replies, and now have a toolkit to draw on to start turning around behaviours and mind-sets that have been detrimental in my life.

I just want to thank Horsesmouth and all the amazing people who reached out to me.  Each and every one of you has given me something to think about, and some have given me heaps of material with which to start working.  Now I need to do the work! Thank you so much!' 

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