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Liarna aged 29
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Loud , Caring , Enthusiastic

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Female , 29

Hi I'm Liarna!
I have a 2 and a half yr old son, at the moment I am living in a refuge and I'm very bored sitting at home all day every day thanks to the government making it so hard to get into college and the fact nursery fees are so expensive! I want to go back to college or volunteer but they won't help fund my sons nursery because I moved counties! I want to become rich and build a orphanage in Bulgaria as the children are so badly treated. I love travelling and want to see the world, I go on holiday as much as can. I save my money to do good things, I don't smoke!! I love life and want to help all! I have had experiences with bad relationships, complications with labour , pregnancy, problems with the dad whilst pregnant, being a single mum, non existant father to my son, and alcohol issues with my dad, unemployment issues! So if you have any problems with any of these things or in fact anything don't be scared to ask for my help I'm here!

Life experiences

Advice (I'm not trying to sound like a big head though!)

I always have to deal with my dad who drinks alot, he can be really nasty to me. He puts me down, and even hit me recently. But I just had to grit my teeth and explain to him that he's wasting his life, he's feeling sorry for himself and making me feel like rap, and embarrasing me. He has finally got off his bum and not drunk this week, made some money and been nice to me, so hopefully what I've said to him will help!

Relationship problems

I've had boyfriends that owed me money, took my money, and never gave me anything back! I've had violent boyfriends, paranoid boyfriends! The second boyfriend was not paranoid at all when I first met him, although so I thought! Before I knew it I wasn't allowed out, if I did, he'd start on me smash my stuff up, and chuck me out of the house in the early morning so I had know where to go. Then one day I just passed my test, so I borrowed my mums car, he was drunk and started calling me names. So I went to get my things, he wouldn't let me have my stuff he smashed my DS up all my things my TV. Then I got back in my car and he tried to get in to beat me up so I locked all the doors he tried to smash my car windows then he smashed my front window. We then had a fight and he called me to say he was sorry, come over!
I went to see him and he dragged me by my hair locked the door and kept punching me, he took my phone from me and locked me in the flat my babies dad is horrible and my ex well!


I think most people are, we have different experiences. My mum was strict when I was young, I missed outon everything with my friends, never allowed to stay round peoples, go to town, round boy's houses, go on school trips. I believe if I was allowed to have done these kind of things, I would have had more friends, and been invited to things, but I wasn't as people knew I wasn't allowed to go out! Then when I was older my mum said all my boyfriends were using me, had fights with me in front of one of them, and then expected me to dump them, because she was in the wrong, my dad agreed. I didn't speak to her for 6 months, then I started speaking to her on my birthday, where she calmed down, let me do things and didn't poke her nose in my business. So now we get on. And she's not such an angry person.But she expects me to stay with her, my whole life and when I moved out of home, I was doing it against her. Trying to spite her but I'm 19 now, you have to live with yourself if you know you

Why mentor on horsesmouth?

It's great to help people. Everybody owe's something to the world, we've all made mistakes, and can help people if their feeling low. I'd love to help someone get the most out of what they can. I always want to help and somethings I want to do like build an orphanage for other children in countries is at this time impossible, so what I can do now is all that matters Please don't think I've ignored or are ignoring you - just I haven't had a computer in years and now I can use one when the computer rooms open!

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I am very lucky to have found your website. Recently I wrote about a problem which I face very often.... There were 10 responses from 10 mentors. They have really explained to me and made me understand that I do not have any problem. Your services are wonderful and I am very much thankful to all of you.

I have been mentoring on HM for 18 months. I really enjoy it & hopefully I am helping other people. Recently I posted my my first 'request for a mentor'. I have been completely bowled over by the response. So many people taking their time & making the effort to offer constructive advice in a friendly polite manner. For me it completely validates the intent behind HM. It reminds me how many good, helpful people there are out there. Thanks for providing such a great service.
'I called out for mentor assistance a week or so ago.

I have been inundated with unbelievably helpful replies, and now have a toolkit to draw on to start turning around behaviours and mind-sets that have been detrimental in my life.

I just want to thank Horsesmouth and all the amazing people who reached out to me.  Each and every one of you has given me something to think about, and some have given me heaps of material with which to start working.  Now I need to do the work! Thank you so much!' 

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