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EternalJoy aged 31
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3 words

Overflowing Joy , Unconditional Love , Permeating Silence

Self description

Male , 31

I am in the same position that you are, living through the experiences of life with the duality of human emotions of happiness-sadness, fear-clarity, love- hate, greed-sharing,laughter-misery, pity-compassion. However our human emotions limit true understanding of our true nature when we are identified with them and fail to see beyond.

My life has been a journey from a young age to discover my true nature beyond the limiting human tendencies. I have travelled to India many times and practiced many yoga and meditation techniques, all of which paved the way to a unconditional, whole, experiential, living experience of oneself beyond human emotions and thoughts,beyond human form, beyond indivduality, into the expansive oneness of oneself which we all are!

Life experiences

Life,Living and Spirtuality

From a young age i was able to percieve beyond the gross behaviour of humans in society. My mind constantly wanted to relax into unity and perceive the universality in all.
Many people come to a point where they become aware of the repitition and cyclic nature of their life, their mind and body running around like a headless chicken. In these times, reading and spending time to contemplate on our lives and coming to see the wonder and awe of the universe beyond our form, makes us see they depth we are missing in life.
I would love to share understandings of the deeper questions of life, This is a stepping stone to spirtuality. Spirtuality to me is the beginning of actually living life with understanding of ones true nature. Letting life live itself as life itself. To come to this point beyond intellect may begin with introspection to meditation, devotion and ultimately realization.

Yoga and Meditation Techniques

During my search to realize my universal reality, meditation provided a space for me to be aware of the subtle processes of the mind, emotions,body, cause and effects and movements of energy.
Meditation ultimately is the ability to be aware of our very exsistance as awareness beyond duality.
I have practiced many meditation techniques myself and will be posting meditation techniques. However the meditation technique which clicks with you is always unique and depends on your earnestness.
Please contact me if you want to discuss some meditation techniques, share experiences or want to generally discuss about the topic.

Their are as many meditation techniques as there are stars in the sky. Each meditation technique in time becoming unique to you, at the right time leaving you and leaving you as the true YOU.

Selfless Service

Volunteering, providing a service to others, or sharing your self on a physical or mental level without desiring reward is a way to see beyond our seperate indivduality and see the unity in us all.
I would love to hear stories and experiences of others in voluntary works and the path it paves to understanding ourselves. I am also interested in any indivduals who like me would like to volunteer because of the joy and spirtual understanding it brings.

Why mentor on horsesmouth?

I wish to share experiences and understandings of life with others. My real motivation is to be able to share the eternal joy present in every moment and in each one of us. To disappear as seperate entities and see the universality of the one we are, the joy, the love is my real inspiration to be here. On relative levels of life, i can relate to all types of situations which you may be going through, as they are all temporary movements in the mind. I like to pick out humour that takes us beyond our personal stories and connect with laughter and detachment. I am not here to mentor or to teach, but to come to a mutual understanding in commune with you to help you go beyonf your limitations. I will post my understandings on certain topics of life etc and complement it with a variety of meditation techniques. Please drop me a message, contribute and share your experience and wisdom. One love.

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I have been inundated with unbelievably helpful replies, and now have a toolkit to draw on to start turning around behaviours and mind-sets that have been detrimental in my life.

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