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Education troubles

Creator: BSDCMentor

Helping people who have difficulty in a subject area relating to a topic in education or any worries they may have in progressing onto higher educatio... more...

01/12/2014 15:56:23

Bullying School or Workplace

Creator: RedEve

This a group for those who have suffered from or are currently dealing with bullying. Bullying can take many forms and can leave people feeling isolat... more...

20/11/2014 15:05:14

Parental Issues

Creator: RedEve

This is a group designed for those people who have experienced (or are experiencing) problems with there parents, or a single parent. Do you feel out ... more...

20/11/2014 14:49:28

New / first relationships

Creator: MrJamieHere

Are you just starting out in your first relationship? Are you starting out in a new relationship? Are you scared to show you inner emotions? Are yo... more...

08/11/2014 18:40:00

Accepting you are bisexual / gay.

Creator: MrJamieHere

Are you are young person who is struggling to come to terms about your sexuality? Do you want to talk to someone to talk things through? Are you sca... more...

08/11/2014 18:07:49

Living with Anxiety

Creator: AskA18

This group is for all the people who struggle everyday with anxiety. By joining this group you can connect with others who suffer from the same thing ... more...

04/11/2014 03:07:15

Support for victims of crime

Creator: BenThere

Guidance and support for those who have been a victim or witness of crime.

Advice on how the justice system works.

Recommendations on where to g... more...

03/11/2014 09:25:13

The LGBT Group

Creator: Spiritual82

This group is for people trying to cope with coming out, bullying and dealing with any issues surrounding the LGBT community in a safe and supportive ... more...

27/10/2014 10:18:03

Mental Health Group

Creator: Launder

This is a group for anyone wanting to ask questions about or discuss mental health. This group will not be a place to diagnose members. It is simply f... more...

21/10/2014 16:58:23

Mentoring for mentors

Creator: talktodanni

Here mentors can share their thoughts and experience in mentoring. Receiving mentoring from other mentors is a positive way for us all to be in tune w... more...

18/09/2014 08:00:35
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