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Creator: Emelye22

Somewhere to talk to people who may also be suffering with an addiction or is close to someone who is. There are many types of addictions and they all... more...

20/06/2015 10:33:11

Working in the charity sector

Creator: Louise13

For anyone interested in starting a career working for a charity. Tips on getting your first job and things to consider when choosing the sector.... more...

06/06/2015 15:36:26

Cancer bereavement

Creator: WonderWomen

A group to talk about your experiences as an individual who has lost someone due to cancer, whether it being a family member or friend.... more...

02/05/2015 02:01:12

Digital & TV

Creator: Dhu08

Group based around the digital and TV industry. Including banners, advertising, VFX & audio.... more...

22/02/2015 10:07:05

Company culture

Creator: PassionCoach

The group can share idea on How to build and strengthen corporate culture.... more...

20/01/2015 09:54:36

Fashion Design

Creator: fashionista

I want people to know that there is advice on the topic to help anyone who is studying or TeachIng thIs wide subject.... more...

11/01/2015 02:29:32


Creator: Sayaa

Interview tips... more...

05/01/2015 22:46:44

Living with M.E

Creator: Potsygirl

Living with M.E is challenging and confusing and can be scary as you don't know what is going on with your own body. I started this group because ... more...

12/12/2014 12:04:48

Education troubles

Creator: BSDCMentor

Helping people who have difficulty in a subject area relating to a topic in education or any worries they may have in progressing onto higher educatio... more...

01/12/2014 15:56:23

Bullying School or Workplace

Creator: RedEve

This a group for those who have suffered from or are currently dealing with bullying. Bullying can take many forms and can leave people feeling isolat... more...

20/11/2014 15:05:14
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