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New & Expanding Bus Lab ( Master Minds )

Creator: BusDoc

Our business group is innovatively designed to make dreams, goals, and business idea become the blueprint in changing many lives. We want to learn, ... more...

20/01/2016 14:56:17

Drug Related Psychosis

Creator: Number7

A group for those experiencing Psychosis, anxiety, disassociate symptoms (etc) after having taken illegal drugs.

Not a lot of information is out th... more...

02/01/2016 19:43:31


Creator: DanielleM123

This group enables people to talk openly about anxiety/depression, allowing them to share experiences, wisdom, knowledge, tools etc. and receive suppo... more...

06/11/2015 17:02:37

Anything autism or Aspergers

Creator: Student2015

As someone with Aspergers myself it is clear that people need a safe space to discuss or just ask simple ASD questions, with the chance to offer guida... more...

26/10/2015 22:27:48

Value of Values

Creator: misstwist

This group enables you to know the values(importance, usefulness) of certain people in your life. In this group people are allowed to say the importan... more...

18/10/2015 08:05:11

The Woman In Me

Creator: misstwist

This group is designed for every woman to know who they are. Here in this group, you are allowed to describe yourself as a woman, how you calm situati... more...

18/10/2015 07:55:46

Think pink

Creator: Ben30

An open forum for women to share business ideas, motivations, solutions and inspiration.... more...

02/10/2015 14:19:16

Academic Skills

Creator: PhDsciGeek

Advice and tips ranging from how to construct an essay to time management! What makes a good presentation and what can you do to enhance you learni... more...

16/09/2015 14:51:53

Alcohol Recovery

Creator: rose

This group is here to just chat day to day about how you are coping or not coping with giving up alcohol.... more...

08/09/2015 11:06:41

staying positive through cancer

Creator: kezza65

Have you felt alone through difficult times. Also i like to inspire people to feel good about themselves through and after cancer... more...

14/08/2015 20:22:55
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