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Drugs awareness

Creator: lifechanger

Effect of drugs on users, children and families... more...

22/08/2016 14:44:02

Help with English skills

Creator: emmalou84

Anything English related, whether it's advice on basic skills or discussions about literature texts, I am here to help...... more...

22/08/2016 09:22:06


Creator: HOPEandPEACE

This group is for anyone with Aspergers or any people who know an Aspergers and would like any advice or would like to share stories.... more...

21/08/2016 23:28:06

Dangerous Cult Churches and Brainwashing Help

Creator: HOPEandPEACE

This Group is for anyone who has a family member/friend stuck in a cult church that needs advise on what to do. It is also for anyone who has left a c... more...

26/06/2016 15:25:18


Creator: HOPEandPEACE

This group is open to all mothers, mothers to be and mothers of multiples (Twins ect).

It is to discuss any queries regarding the above subjects or... more...

24/06/2016 12:49:21

Work at home Mum's

Creator: movingon2

Support and networking for Mum's who want to start their own business working from home.... more...

07/05/2016 15:44:03


Creator: Emeliared

This groups is for people with ADHD/ ADD, friends and family members of someone with ADHD/ ADD and anyone who wants to understand more about ADHD/ ADD... more...

16/03/2016 14:37:42

Life After Domestic Violence

Creator: RememberYou

A group for survivors of domestic violence. Sometimes it is still an issue even after leaving the situation. Lets chat and share empowering thoughts a... more...

02/03/2016 13:33:24

Mentoring for Mentors

Creator: fallon81

A forum for mentors to chat about any concerns, difficulties or just to exchange views, make general conversation.... more...

29/02/2016 20:55:07

New & Expanding Bus Lab ( Master Minds )

Creator: BusDoc

Our business group is innovatively designed to make dreams, goals, and business idea become the blueprint in changing many lives. We want to learn, ... more...

20/01/2016 14:57:18
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